VMMC Honors Employees at Annual Recognition and Service Awards Ceremony.


            As an annual tradition of recognizing its employees for their outstanding performance and years of dedicated service, VMMC held the 62nd Employees Recognition and Awarding Ceremonies at the Basilio Valdes Hall last November 24, 2017.

            Outstanding medical professionals paramedical staff and employees were awarded and given due recognition for their exemplary work performance during the event. Also feted in the same occasion were the employees who have dedicated their lives in the services of the hospital for 10, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years.

            Attorney Cherry T. Baustista-Bolo GIPO III of the Office of the Ombudsman served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker of the event. In her speech, Atty. Bolo challenged everyone to follow the lead of the nominees/model employees and draw inspiration from them in elevating the standard of public service to the highest level.

            During the event, Dr. Cecilia G. Amicis, Chairman of the 2017 Employees of the Year Awards Committee, together with VMMC Director Dominador M. Chiong Jr. and Atty. Bolo spearheaded the conferring of plaques and certificates to the model employee winners in the different categories. Cash prizes and monetary incentives were also given to the nominees and awardees respectively.

            VMMC Management is hopeful that this simple gesture inspires not only the awardees but the new breed of hospital employees as well to work hard in the service of the veterans and their dependents for years to come. 

            The event served as the culminating activity of the 62nd Anniversary Celebration and officially capped off the week-long commemoration.