In support of the drug-free workplace campaign of the government, the Veterans Memorial Medical Center conducted a random, mandatory testing of all employees last week at the Basilio Valdez Hall.


All the employees of the hospital, from the utility workers up to the medical practitioners, regular and contractual employees showed up on their respective scheduled dates and voluntarily submitted themselves to the mandatory drug testing at the Basilio Valdez Hall   on February 6, 8 and 9, 2018.


Dr. Felicitas A. Soriano, Chairperson of the VMMC Drug-Free Workplace  Policy Committee, said the drug test is  in compliance with the memo order issued by Defense Secretary Delfin N. Lorenzana  to DND-Proper and its Bureaus last Jan. 29, 2017 directing the implementation of the Guidelines for a drug-free workplace, to include the conduct of mandatory drug test as a pre-employment requirement; random drug test for personnel; advocacy, education and training programs and activities; display of messages for a drug-free workplace; and physical fitness programs.


She added that employees who will not be able to show up during their scheduled test will be asked to explain their absence and    will have to go directly to the National Reference Laboratory at the East Avenue Medical Center for the drug test on their own and at their own expense. Employees who will be found positive of drug use after the initial screening test shall be subjected to further confirmatory drug test. Any employee who will then be found positive of illegal drug use shall be dealt with accordingly.