VMMC holds Batch 2018 Post Graduate Medical Interns Commencement Exercises

The Veterans Memorial Medical Center held the Batch 2018 Post Graduate Medical Interns Commencement Exercises on June 29, 2018 at the Basilio Valdes Hall.


One hundred thirty five (135) post graduate medical interns who completed their one-year post graduate internship training marched on the stage as their proud parents looked on with a sense of achievement. Also present during the ceremony were the heads and training officers of the different departments of the hospital.

The event started off with the invocation delivered by Rev. Father Emigdio A. Paredes followed by the singing of the National Anthem and the VMMC Hymn.


Dr. Antonio De Castro, Vice-Chairman, Training Officers Group, VMMC in his opening remarks challenged the graduates “This is just the beginning of the realization of your true medical calling, whatever it may be, wherever it may take you, whatever field of specialty you may pursue, one thing is for certain, the road up there will be rough, the journey long and arduous, the climb steep and at times exhausting but keep in mind real gold is tested in fire. With grit, determination and hard work, I assure you that all of these will be fairly and generously rewarded in the end.” he said.


Dr. Dominador M. Chiong Jr. recognized in his speech the role of the family and friends who supported the graduates “Let us remember first those who truly made this moment possible, your families and friends who inspired and strengthened you during your training days” he stated. He also thanked the department heads and training officers as well as the VMMC community for their valuable and various roles in making the interns’ stay a comfortable one.


He also challenged the new graduates” As you pursue your own careers, more trials will come your way. Residency will push you harder and farther.  During residency your will make more sacrifices and may even give up the best years of your life.  But after residency the rewards are priceless. You will be wearing those long white coats. Remember with all the learning and training comes responsibility.  As doctors you will have great power and authority that you will literally decide the fate of other people. With that role comes respect, prestige and yes money” he added.


Dr. Mariano A. Mejia, Chief, Medical Professional Staff presented and conferred the certificates and awards to the winner and runner ups of the Most Outstanding Interns. Second runner up went to Dr. Gytha Kate A. Torres while the first runner up was bagged by Dr. Lester John D. Young.  Dr. Mark Ian Jun M. Catan was chosen as the Batch 2017-2018 Most Outstanding Intern. As an incentive, he will be given a residency slot to whatever specialty of his choice.


Dr. Joel Vergil M. Mendiola delivered the thanksgiving address on behalf of Batch 2018 post graduate medical interns.


Dr. Juan P. Sanchez Jr. served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker.  He said that his desire to become a doctor was inspired by his mother who was diagnosed with cancer when he was still young.  He also recounted his experiences and struggles as a fledging new-comer doctor after his residency. He reiterated the value of focus in life and work “From a mediocre student you will become great if you have focus. You have to have discipline, focus and work as a team” he stressed.


To wrap the event, Dr. Franklin V. Gali gave the closing remarks “I am honored to give the closing remarks in your graduation. Thirty one years ago, I was also like you graduating as medical intern from this institution.” he remarked.


“As you leave the familiar grounds of this medical center, your one year post graduate internship will be concentrated to memories. As you finished your post graduate internship you are now overjoyed but once all the festivities and applauses are over, you will realize that the struggle has just began. Your graduation only utters more difficult and rigorous life. You will begin a never ending struggle to achieve the fullness of your vision, realization of your dreams. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to extend somebody else’s life. I hope to see some of you apply in our residency program. Wherever you are, please don’t forget and always be proud of the institution where you once belonged. Congratulations to all of you “he added.