The Veterans Memorial Medical Center conducted another Outreach Mission at the Calbayog Convention Center on August 17, 2018. This is the fourth leg of the scheduled nationwide medical mission to be conducted by the hospital this year.

The Veterans Management Affairs Division of PVAO organized the event and engaged NGOs for the Filipino Veterans Community.  The participation of NGOs contributed immensely to the success of the event, the Rotary Club of the City of Calbayog, SOS Children's ViIllage Calbayog, Inc. and media partner DYOG Radio ng Bayan for the information dissemination.  The City of Calbayog provided the venue and the City Buses for the transportation services of the VMMC Medical Team, Officials of the VFP and PVAO.The 63rd Infantry Division, Philippine Army and 8th Army Division Hospital provided security assistance in the area.

The VMMC Medical Team was composed of 80 members (Doctors from Department of Medicine, Family Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Othorhinolaryngology, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics), nurses, dentists, pharmacists, dietitians and medical social workers. 


A total of 447 patients were served (mostly medical; 1 surgery operation, 240 patients lined up for ophthalmology consultation; 100 patients referred to Otorhinolaryngology (EENT); 25 patients with rehabilitation concerns; 10 OB cases, 36 pediatric consultation; 85 dental extraction; and 47 ECG procedures.


One hundred four (104) free eyeglasses and two (2) months maintenance medicines were given away to veterans and their dependents.  Indigent patients who availed of medical services were given one (1) week supply of medicines.


Seventy-one (71) patients were given flu vaccine brought by Veterans Federation of the Philippines.