United States Department of Veterans Administration (USDVA) officials headed by Tracey Betts paid a courtesy visit to VMMC to meet with VMMC top officials on September 27, 2018. She was accompanied by Kevin McAllister, Nathan Loft and Constance Santos. The delegates were cordially welcomed by top VMMC officials led by Director Dominador M. Chiong Jr and Assistant Director Franklin V. Gali.

After a short talk at the CPS Conference Room, the delegates were given a hospital wide tour which included the following areas: Department of Pathology, The newly-installed 128 CT Scan, PACU, the newly renovated Emergency Ward, MICU, MITU among others.

VMMC has been a recipient of the generosity of the United States over the years and through the USDVA, countless high tech medical equipment such as MRI, CT Scan, Apheresis Machine, Dialysis Machines and a lot more were donated to our hospital. Moreover, the Establishment of the Eye Center was made possible through the financial assistance of the latter. However in 2015, the USDVA formally ceased their financial aid to VMMC.

The visit signals a renewed spirit of cooperation between VMMC and our main benefactor. Both parties are hopeful that a mutually beneficial relationship will be further enhanced and strengthened in the future. Prior to their visit to VMMC, the delegates visited PVAO and met with its key officials in the morning of the same day.