TO                  :           DOMINADOR M. CHIONG JR., MD, FPCS, FACS

                                    Director, VMMC


FROM            :           PVAO, ADMINISTRATOR


SUBJECT     :           Revised VMMC Implementing Guidelines on Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program series of 2017



1.    References:

a.    Section 7, Article XVI of the 1987 Constitution;

b.    Sections 9 & 14, RA No. 65 of 1946;

c.    Section 15 of Republic Act No. 6948 as amended by RA No. 7696;

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j.      Hospital Memo. No. 2011-620-04 Change IV dated February 14, 2013.



2.    In line with the objective of the Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program to provide adequate medical and health care services to veterans and authorized dependents, and to reach-out to those who are in far flung regions, who do not have convenient access to VMMC, the following amended guidelines in the implementation of the VHMCP are hereby issued:




A.   Reimbursement of Hospital Subsidy


1.    The Accredited Hospital shall be paid based on the actual billing by the hospital net of other applicable discounts up to a maximum of P1,500.00 per day of confinement  PVAO-VMMC shall pay up to a maximum of 45 days of hospital confinement  per patient per year.  The basis of payment shall be the Statement of Account signed by the Chief Accountant of the Hospital.

           2.    The veteran/veteran dependent who opted to file direct reimbursement of hospital subsidy shall likewise be paid based on the actual amount indicated in

            the Official Receipt and paid to the hospital net of other applicable discounts up to a maximum of P1,500.00 per day of confinement  for 45 days of

            hospital confinement  per patient per year.

3.    The heir/s of deceased veteran/veteran dependent as claimant (Nearest Surviving Relative)– refers to the closest person related to the deceased by blood or affinity such as, the surviving spouse of the deceased. In the absence of the surviving spouse, it shall be limited to the relative by consanguinity of the nearest of kin such as   children, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, brothers/sisters, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, great grandchild, great grandparent, etc.


3.1 The heir/s of a deceased veteran/veteran dependent will be allowed to reimburse the expenses incurred by the veteran/veteran dependent for hospital benefits.  Payment shall be made in the name of the payer as indicated in the official receipt.



3.2  As regards to the documentary requirements, the payer named in the official receipt that will opt for reimbursement of hospital subsidy shall submit proof of relationship with the veteran/veteran dependent and proof of identity.


3.   The following documents shall be submitted by the accredited hospitals or veteran/veterans dependent to the Office of the Director, VMMC:


3.1   Accomplished Reimbursement Form or Request Letter


3.2    Statement of Accounts (with date of admission and discharge) signed by the Chief Accountant of the HospitalStatement of Account received through email sent by the Hospital is acceptable.


3.3    Medical Certificate/Discharge Summary (indicating period of confinement) signed by the Attending Physician or Authorized signatory of the Hospital



3.4    Proof of Veteran Status, e.g. VMMC Medical Card, PVAO Pensioner’s ID, Certification from PVAO;   AFP Retiree’s ID; Military Honorable Discharge Paper; Retirement Order


B.   Reimbursement of additional benefits as follows:



Cataract Surgery


Payment of actual billing not to exceed

P14,000.00 per eye


Orthopedic implants


at cost but not to exceed P30,000.00 per implant



at cost but not to exceed P5,000.00 (P2,500.00 for upper dentures and P2,500.00 for lower dentures)


Hernia mesh


at cost but not to exceed P2,000.00 per mesh


Hearing Aid


at cost not to exceed P30,000.00 per device


Orthopedic braces


at cost but not to exceed Pup 6,000.00  per piece


Hemodialysis Treatment


not to exceed P400.00 per treatment, cost of epoetin alfa.

In excess of 90 treatments covered by Philhealth, P2,500.00 per treatment will be reimbursed

Cardiac Bypass





Coronary Angiogram


at cost but not to exceed  P30,000.00


Chemotherapeutic Agents


P10,000.00 per cycle up to a maximum of 6 cycles.




P100,000.00 for single stent and only up to a maximum of P150,000.00 for  two or more vessel stents  



Endoaneurysmectomy for Thoracic/ Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm


up to a maximum of P40,000.00 for vascular graft only

Pacemaker placement


P20,000.00 for temporary pacemaker placement and P180,000.00 for permanent    pacemaker placement, all inclusive


Cranial CT Scan


not to exceed P4,000.00 with or without contrast



Other CT Scan  and MRI procedures


amount to be reimbursed will be based on VMMC rate/approved fees and charges



not to exceed P2,000.00



Extra corporal Shock Wave Litotripsy (ESWL)



not to exceed P40,000.00


Peritoneal Dialysis

(IPD and CADP)


not to exceed P5,000 per week up to a maximum of P20,000.00 per month


Rehabilitation services


P350.00 per treatment session maximum of 3 treatment session per week




Ventilator rental



at cost but not to exceed P300.00 per day



kidney transplant

not to exceed P200,000.00 net of Philhealth coverage and senior citizen discount


1.    No professional fee shall be charged for procedures performed in the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.



2.    All special procedures and medical/surgical interventions shall pass through the VMMC Medical Screening Committee for  evaluation and validation.           




C.  Reimbursement of Drugs and Medicines


           1.    Medicines (antibiotics) of confined veteran / veteran dependent patients classified as critical or non-critical cases


Critical case

at cost but not to exceed P20,000.00 per confinement

Non-critical case

at cost but not to exceed P10,000.00 per confinement


     2.  OPD Maintenance Medicines for hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, prostate and anti-psychotic drugs.Amount to be reimbursed shall be based on the current Drug Price Reference Index (PDRI) – Annex A


          3.  Anti-rejection drugs - P20,000.00 per month net of senior citizen and Philhealth discount  

               4.  The request for reimbursement of drugs and medicines of confined veteran or veteran dependent as well as reimbursement of OPD

                    maintenance medicines and oral antibiotics shall pass through the VMMC Medical Screening Committee for evaluation and validation prior to

                    processing of payment by offices concerned.


D.  Documentary Requirements


The following documents shall be submitted to the Office of the


     Director, VMMC:


1.         Accomplished Request for Reimbursement Formavailable at Medical Administrative Section, VMMC and downloadable in the VMMC website –; and PVAO website –




Letter request signed by the veteran patient/veteran dependent or  heir/claimant of the deceased veteran



2.         Medical Certificate/Medical Abstract indicating period of confinement (if hospitalized), issued by the attending physician or authorized signatory of the Hospital


3.         Official Receipt/s issued by the Hospital/Clinic/Supplier 


4.         For reimbursement of drugs and medicines


            4.1      Prescription Form signed by the Physician of the Accredited Hospital (if drugs and medicines were not indicated in the detailed Statement of Account- SOA)


5.         Additional (applicable) documentary requirements:


i.    Certificate of Documented Sensory-Neural Hearing Loss issued by any Accredited Hearing Aid Center for hearing aid reimbursement


ii.   Birth Certificate/legal adoption papers or VMMC Medical Card (whichever is available)  for  children below 18 years old

iii.   PVAO Pensioner ID or Photocopy of Death Certificate of Veteran and Marriage Contract (whichever is available)  - if the veteran is deceased and the claimant is the spouse (wife)

iv. Photocopy of Death Certificates of the Patient and the Spouse and Affidavit of the Nearest of Kin (NOK) – if both the veteran and spouse are deceased and the   claimant is one among the children


      v.   Notarized Waiver or Deed of Assignment from the siblings of        the claimant – if both the veteran and spouse are deceased and       the claimant is one among the children

      vi.  Photocopy of the ID of the claimant

      vii. Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) - if the claimant is       a representative of veteran or veteran dependent/payee


E.  PVAO Administrator may authorize reimbursement of procedures and items not included in the list of additional benefits of the program as follows:


            1.  procedure/intervention to include drugs and medicines for life threatening conditions

            2.  Medical expenses World War II Veterans, awardees of medal valor, dependents of soldiers killed in action (KIAs) and  prisoners of war

            3.  for patients requiring longer confinement beyond 45 days


F. Processing of Reimbursement


1.    Payment for hospitalization subsidy to accredited hospitals, veterans or veteran dependents shall be prioritized over personal  reimbursement for additional benefits.


1.1   Accredited Hospitals may file reimbursement of hospital subsidy on annual basis.


2. Reimbursement of additional benefits and personal/direct filing of hospital subsidy must be submitted to PVAO/VMMC within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of hospital discharge and/or from the date the procedure has been performed.



            2.1           Processing of request beyond 180 days prescriptive period may be allowed subject to the approval of PVAO                                         Administrator.  Provided that the claimant shall submit an Affidavit of Delayed Claim explaining/justifying the reason for the delay.


            2.2           For personal reimbursement (direct filing) of additional benefits and reimbursement of hospital subsidy by                           veteran/veteran dependent,  the date when the request was mailed and/or received by VMMC/PVAO FSEOs shall be considered in the counting of days.


G.  Subject to availability of funds,  outreach activities under the Veterans Hospitalization and  Medical Care Program shall be conducted to extend the medical services being provided by VMMC including provision of drugs an  medicines


     3. Responsibilities of the following offices :

   Medical Administrative Section

             i.        The Medical Administrative Section (MAS) shall evaluate the submitted documents.

ii.         The Patient’s Control Unit  (MAS) shall prepare Budget Utilization Request (BUR) and Disbursement Voucher payable to the veteran/veteran dependent or accredited hospital  and submit to the Accounting Section for processing of payment attached thereto all necessary documents.

iii.        In case, the DV was returned by the Accounting Section due to incomplete documentary requirements or discrepancies, MAS shall return the same to PVAO/Hospital/claimant concerned for their information and compliance.    In this connection, receipts/documents of items not considered/approved for reimbursement shall be returned intact to the claimant for whatever purpose it may serve them.

iv.        Shall take charge of the mailing of all communications of the program



Accounting Section


i.              The Accounting personnel shall assign a DV control number upon receipt of Disbursement Voucher 

ii.         Supporting documents shall be evaluated as to authenticity and accuracy, prior to submission to the Budget Section for funding.

iii.        The Chief/Assistant Chief of the Accounting Section shall approve the DV after approval of funds prior to submission to Cash Section for check preparation.

iv.        The Accounting Section shall be responsible to all necessary book  entries.

v.         Monthly, quarterly and annual liquidation reports shall be prepared by the Assistant Chief, Accounting Section for submission to the Office of the Secretary of National Defense, Philippine Veterans Affairs Office and concerned offices, with all the relevant documents attached thereto.


Budget Section


     i.     The Budget Officer shall verify availability of funds prior  to approval  upon receipt of DV from Accounting Section.

    ii.     The Chief, Budget Section shall approve the BUR and then return it to the Processing Unit of the Accounting Section. 

   iii.           Budget Officer shall be responsible to all necessary entries to the Registry of Budget Utilization.



Cash Section


i.          Upon receipt of approved DV from Accounting Section, a check shall be prepared in favor of the Claimant.

ii.         The Cash Section shall be responsible for the preparation and release of VHMCP checks to the claimants.


Medical Social Work Service


i.          The VHMCP Committee together with the Medical Social Workers shall be responsible for the information dissemination of the  program.

ii.         Shall evaluate and determine the status/proof of the veteran/veteran dependent if the claimant has not yet been issued a VMMC Medical Card or PVAO ID.


Public Relations Unit


i.          Shall serve as Secretariat of the Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program


ii.         Shall take charge of all communications  regarding the  implementation      of the Program and other VHMCP concerns


iii.        Shall prepare the Revised PRIMER of VHMCP


iv.        Shall update the website relative to the Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program


v.         Shall publish VHMCP updates in the VMMC News Bulletin




 1.        A quarterly fund cash transfer from Philippine Veterans Affairs Office shall be released to Veterans Memorial Medical Center for the Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program

2.         Sixty percent (60%) of the quarterly fund release shall be earmarked for the hospitalization subsidy, while the remaining forty percent(40%) shall be used for additional benefits.


            3.         All unused funds for hospital subsidy may be realigned for additional benefits/reimbursement or vice-versa prior to the close of the quarter.



VIII.     Releasing of Claims



            Upon receipt of the check for reimbursement of hospitalization subsidy to accredited hospital and/or reimbursement of additional benefits, Cash Section shall immediately notify the claimant through text message or phone call if the claimant is within Metro Manila or send the check through registered mail if the claimant is outside Metro Manila.



IX.       Periodic Review, Evaluation, and Adjustments



This Hospital Memorandum including the Philhealth case rates, processes and procedures shall be subject to regular evaluation and adjustments as necessary.  Such review and evaluation shall be done six (6) months after the effectivity of this Memorandum and yearly thereafter unless revoked, modified, amended or repealed.






The VMMC Committee on Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program in coordination with the different Clinical Departments and Offices concerned shall be responsible in the implementation of this Hospital Memorandum.





           All earlier publications that are inconsistent with the herein guidelines are hereby superseded or rescinded.


          This shall take effect  immediately.











                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Administrator, PVAO