Officials of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) paid a visit to VMMC on July 11, 2017. The USDVA officials consisted of Marie Souza, Vicky Randall and Connie Santos, were enthusiastically welcomed by the VMMC Director Dominador M. Chiong Jr and other top officials during their visit.

PVAO Administrator Ernesto G. Carolina, Dr. Pilar Ibarra and several staff were also present during the event. After a brief reception at the Director’s Office, the guests were accompanied by VMMC and PVAO officials in a short tour of different areas of the hospital which included the newly renovated Department of Pathology, Operating Room Complex, DRR, MITU, MICU, Renal Dialysis Unit and the DFM-OPS.

After the tour, the guests were treated with light refreshment at the CPS Conference where a dialogue between USDVA guests and VMMC and PVAO officials was held.

During the dialogue, the USDVA officials commended VMMC on the significant improvements on its facilities and equipment. They also praised the “faces beaming with pride” of the staff they met during the tour.

Among of the matters discussed during the visit were the initiative of VMMC to offer medical services anew to US veterans in the country and request for donation of excess medical equipment.