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Provides dental services and maintains standards in dental examinations, determines the type/s of required dental treatment, initiates and completes the treatment, asepsis and sanitation in dental clinics.


Dental Main, which takes care of patients presently admitted in the hospital for medical conditions and/or those patients admitted for surgical interventions;
Out-Patient Dental Section, which caters to all unconfined patients who may or may not have some medical problems but are in need dental care and treatment;
Pulmonary Dental Section, which attends to patients afflicted with pulmonary ailments such as Pulmonary Tubercolosis, Pulmonary Emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and the like; whether this patients are unconfined or are presently admitted in the Pulmonary Wards;


Prosthodontia Section, which specializes in the construction and fabrication of dental prostheses; in which the Department takes great pride in its expertise of being able to provide and install dentures to the predominantly geriatric patient-population of the hospital whose alveolar ridges are already flat and whose oral tissues are already sensitive and tender.