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Provides service for the examination, diagnosis and treatment of the different diseases of the eye and its adnexea.

 Infiniti Phacoemulsification Machine

     This is used for more efficient cataract extraction which forms the bulk of the Department's Surgical cases. With the Infiniti, our patients have access to similar state-of-art technology as patients from major tertiary hospitals and Eye Centers here and abroad which utilize the same machine.

Slitlamp Biomicroscope Machine

     Equipped with a digital camera, this allows clearer visualization and documentation for the eye resulting in more accurate diagnosis and subsequently more definitive management of the patient's condition. It also acquired an autorefractor and YAG laser further advancing the diagnostic and therapeutic arsenal of the department.


Residency Training

Three-year residency training program (2 residents per year level) exposed annually to 10,000 consultations and over 500 procedures (phacoemulsification, sub-specialty surgeries and laser treatment. It boasts one of the best resident-to surgical-case-ratio among the programs in the country accredited by the Philippine Board of Ophthalmology.