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Coming this july will be the release of the 4th edition of Archives. It features award winning researches of the residents and consultants up to 2012 that has been presented locally and internationally and made the department proud.


3rd edition of the Archives, and most recent edition. It was also the most substantial of the issues released to date, as it featured not only the collected researches of the residents and consultants up to 2010, but the lectures of the various speakers of the 2009 Larynx post-graduate Course as well.


Special 10th anniversary edition of the archives, released as part of the celebration of the Department’s 10th anniversary of existence. While the edition was intended as a commemorative issue, it still stayed true to the vision of its’ creation, and featured the collective researches of the residents and consultants up to that point in time.


1st ever edition of the Archives was published. It contained the collated researches of the active residents and consultants, and was envisioned to serve as a guide and springboard for further researches that will be undertaken by the succeeding generations of ENT specialists who will receive their training at this instit