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Outreach & Civic Action

Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Support Group

Last Friday of the month:

the Department conducts a monthly program for the Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Support Group members and their relatives every last Friday of the month at the Basilio Valdes Hall of VMMC . The program features lectures from specialists in the various specialties of Medicine and allied services, and are given to widen the knowledge of the attendees and allow them to fully re-integrate themselves back into society as fully-functioning individuals. This event also serves as the monthly check-up for the attendees, to allow the department to better monitor their post-op progress and general well-being.

Sinag: bi-annual official Newsletter of the Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Support Group,  which features updated photos of both the old and new members of the group, as well as messages and recaps of the topics from previous group meetings, along with contributions from the members and their family members.