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Provides laboratory services required in the study, diagnosis and treatment of hospital patients.

The Clinical Microscopy Unit of the Department of Pathology boast of its latest fully automated urine particle analyzer. Utilizing the principle of urine flow cytometry, it is able to process up to 100 centrifuged urine samples per hour.



Roche/Hitachi COBAS c311 & COBAS Integra 400 Plus System

These machines are the latest acquisitions of the Department of Pathology - Chemistry Unit. These fully automated machines deliver maximum versatility and ease of operation in a minimum amount of space.

It combines the convenience and simplicity offload-and-leave reagent cassettes with an extensive test menu, as well as the proven reliability required to deliver effective, easy-to-use automation for both routine and STAT testing. It is designed for both qualitative in vitro determinations of up to 400 photometric test per hour or up to 460 test per hour for electrolytes.



The Medical Technology Internship Training Program (MTITP)

The Department of Pathology's Medical Technology Internship Training Program is one of the best trianing centers for our future medical technologist. It seeks to carry out quality training for senior medical technology students helping them become skilled and global competitive medical laboratory scientist.


Small but powerful XS 1000 streamless laboratory workflow by providing testing for up to 60 blood samples per hour enabling rapid turn around time in hematologic analyses which includes but not limited to wbc, rbc, differential, hematocrit, hemogoblin.