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Provides services in the diagnosis, care and treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders; Attends in treatments and consultations of patients in the wards with psychiatric condition upon request; participates in the training program of residents, medical interns, undergraduate and post-graduate students in nursing and behavioral sciences; and participates in staff conferences of such of special interest.

Outpatient Services
Clinical services are offered to patients of all age groups - children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.
In-patient Services
The department caters to Philippine veterans and their dependents as well as civilian patients.
Training of Medical Clerks and Post-Graduate Interns
Medical clerks and post-graduate interns rotate in the ward where they are exposed to actual cases.
Management of patients with substance related disorders like alcohol abuse are placed in the treatment room for observation and detoxification.
Electroconvulsive Therapy
Patients undergoing electroconvulsive therapy are closely monitored prior, during, and after the procedure.
Psychological Testing
Psychological tests are administered by competent psychologists as part of the process of neuropsychiatric evaluation of patients and screening prior to hiring of personnel.
Occupational Therapy Session
As part of in-patient activities, occupational therapists conduct sessions like cooking, arts & crafts, and communication skills activities.
Recreation / Strolling
Basketball, strolling, film appreciation, gardening, group dynamics, socialization & music therapy are but some of the activities conducted by the activity nurse, nurse aid, post graduate interns and medical clerks.
Social Services
Interview, evaluate, detailed record keeping, referrals and linkage to other affiliated hospitals and government agencies, conduct family support group sessions & home visits.